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The broadband RF low power amplifier is suitable for all kinds of 130 – 180MHz transmitters, such as wireless remote control, intercom and other transmitters. Input 0.1W can output the power of 5.0W 7.2V.The amplifier is equipped withWith heat sink, it can work steadily for a long time.
Technical parameters:
Working frequency: 130 – 180MHz
Input power: 0.1W (20dBm)
Maximum output: 2.5W (34dBm) 5.0V power supply
5.0W (37dBm) 7.2V power supply
8.0W(39dBm) 10.0V power supply (not recommended)
Working voltage: 5–7.2V (DC)
Working current: 1–2A (determined by output power)
RF connector: Standard SMA cathode
Package includes:
1 x RF Power Amplifier 

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