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1. Power on, cut songs, pause and so on No annoying P O P tone;
2. Wide supply voltage: DC4.5-27V;
3. Two audio input modes: bluetooth mode and headset (LINE IN) mode;
4. Two power supply interfaces: terminal and DC2.1MM socket (compatible with most of the PC power interface);
5. Power input anti-reverse function;
6. Acrylic shell protection;
7. Brand capacitors.
1. Mode selection
Modules are available in both bluetooth and LINE IN modes. When the power amplifier defaults to the bluetooth IN audio line input mode; can also press the "PLAY / M" key to switch mode.
2. Connect to bluetooth
Switch to bluetooth mode or default bluetooth mode just when the power, broadcast English "The bluetooth device is ready to pair", that enter the bluetooth mode and wait for pairing; mobile phone bluetooth search to the "XY_BT" is the bluetooth power amplifier board device name, Click on the connection, the bluetooth power amplifier board prompt "The bluetooth device is connected successfully", that power amplifier board and mobile phone connection is successful, you can play music.
Package Included:
1 x 50W+50W Dual Channel Digital bluetooth Amplifier Board

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