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- This is a ultra low noise, high linearity low noise amplifier module.
- It has 0.6dB typical noise factor, 19dB typical gain, 23dB P1dB.
- It can be used for high dynamic range receiver LNA application, and amplify small signal of 110dBM.
- You can cascade several LNA modules in order to improve gain.
- Generally used for high frequency or intermediate frequency preamplifier of radio receiver, and high sensitivity amplifying circuit of electronic detection equipment, as well as transceiver wireless communication card, tower mounted amplifier (TMA), combiner, repeaters, and distal/digital wireless broadband head equipment, etc.
Typical Voltage: +5V
Typical Current: 90mA
Gain: 18dB -0.9G 
Input/Output Impedance: 50Ω
Max. Output Power: P1db 22dBm(2GHz)
Input Signal: <+10dBm(as low as -110dBm. If input >+10dBm, output is distorted)
Bandwidth 0.05-4GHZ(differs at different frequency, refers to S21 curve)
Noise Factor: 0.6dB-0.9GHz
Weight: about 40g
Package Includes:
1 x RF Amplifier Low Noise Amplifier Ham Radio Module

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