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K4 digital amplifier with TDA7498 chip, powerful, can provide 2 x 70W rated power output, the maximum can take 4 Euro 200W the following, 8 ohm 150W following a variety of passive speakers, set the horn, etc., fine sound, bass.
Wide and powerful, sound quality is good, wide range, sound field is deep, very Naiting, with speaker protection, you can push 4 oo land box will not appear short tone phenomenon, switch machine without any impact, with overcurrent protection , Overheat protection, short circuit protection.
K4 amplifier input voltage: 12V-24V, current: 3A or more
Impedance: 4-8 ohm
Output: 2 x 70W
Distortion: THD + N: 0.004% (RL> 10 kΩ)
Distortion: THD + N: 0.020% (RL = 32 Ω)
Signal to noise ratio: > 99 dB
Dynamic range: > 99 dB
Size: 16 x 10 x 3.5cm
Package Included:
1 x PJ.MIAOLAI K4 Amplifier
(Power Adapter not include)

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