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Connectors of this cable are standard DVI(24+1) gold-plated interface, effectively reducing the loss of data transmission, to avoid the wrong signal.
Choseal uses powerful HD transmission technology to support 1920*1080P HD resolution, giving you a special visual experience.
Double anti-interference magnetic ring+Three-layer shielded(128 mesh metal braid+Two layers of aluminum foil), high stability transmission.
Oxygen-free copper wire core, the transmission signal attenuation is small, high-speed transmission
From 1.5M to 20M different meters for your choices.
Connector type: DVI Male-Male
Connector A: DVI(24+1)
Connector B: DVI(24+1)
Features: Double magnetic ring
Shield: 128 Mesh metal braid+Two layers of aluminum foil
Connectors: 24K Gold-Plated
Core: Pure oxygen-free copper
Jacket: High density braid
Resolution: 1920 x 1080P
Outside diameter: 7.5MM
Applicability: For TV, computer, monitor, projector, lap what which with DVI interface

The diameter of 10/15/20M Cable has increased! Very powerful  

Packaging Included:
1 x Choseal Q541 DVI(24+1) Cable

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