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Decoding chip: CS8416-CZZ and CS4344
High accuracy crystal oscillator, ensure the stable transmission of signals
Output terminals with thick gold electroplating, prevent oxidation
Optical fiber head with high speed and low distortion

M3 HIFI wireless bluetooth audio receiver converter

Can connect to bluetooth smartphone/tablet PC, etc
Convert the receiving signal to digital optical fiber, coaxial and analog signal output (Simultaneous output)
bluetooth module is HIFI BTM870-B and chip CSR8670
External high gain detachable antenna
Digital output ports can connected to decoder DAC with digital audio input interface, active audio and audio amplifier, etc.
Analog signal output to amplifier with analog signal input
Power DC: 12V input
Audio input: bluetooth wireless signal receiving
Audio otuput: Digital signal (optical, coaxial), analog signal Lossless audio output
Size: 95 x 70 x 25
Aluminum shell
Package Included:

1 x PJ.MIAOLAI M3 Amplifier
1 x Power Adapter

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