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● Operating current: >1A
● Power Output: 3~5W
● Drive Speaker: 4~8Ω
● SNR: [email protected] VDD=5V,Vorms=1V
● Class D Audio Amplifier
● Low Distortion, Low Noise Floor
1.2.5V to 5.5V operation from a single supply ,and damaged upper 5.5V.
2.A 5V/1A DC adapter is recommended to supply the module.
3.The circuit will be damaged if the power polarity is oppsite.
4.4 Ω 3W Speaker is recommended
5.With mute fuction, Mute by high level on MUTE PIN and play by low level, Low level is default by a pull-down resister.
6.The module is effective for 0.5V to1V audio signal ,;a pre- Amplifier will be needed, if the signal is small.
Package Included:
3 x 5128 Mini Class D Digital Amplifier Module

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