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Product Description

Product Usage:
1. AM amplitude modulation signal detection
2. 10.7MHz amplitude modulation signal detection
3. FM discriminator output detection
4. Discharge signal, partial discharge signal detection
5. Pulse signal detection (such as wifi signal transmission and reception switching)
6. Wireless signal energy harvesting
7. Radio production (highly sensitive radio detection circuit in ore machine)
8. 2AP9, 1N60 improved replacement
Product advantages and features:
1. High sensitivity: -30dBm–40dBm (preferred for radio production)
2. Wide frequency range: not less than 3200MHz (discharge signal detection)
3. Corresponding speed: PS level, (pulse detection)
4. TR component power detection
Product specifications:
1. Maximum input: 20dBm (burned power) linear range <10dBm
2. Detection output: default is positive
3. Working frequency: 0.1–3200MHz
4. RC filtering: R = 10K, C = lnF, (two parallel components of the output port)
Tip: If you want to work at a lower frequency, you can increase the output capacitance. If you want fast response, you need to reduce the capacitance. This is a contradiction, you can configure it according to your needs.
Working principle:
1. This product uses a double-voltage detector (consisting of two inverted microwave diodes), which is 6dB higher than the single-tube detector sensitivity, with high sensitivity (typical -30dBm, even up to -40dBm>, not ordinary 2AP9, 1N60 can match.
2. The detector adopts imported microwave diode design and has high operating frequency (not less than 3200MHz). It can be used for various high frequency and RF signal detection, such as: AM detection, 10.7MHz detection AM, discharge signal 300-1200MHz. Detection, WIFI2.4G amplifier signal detection switching circuit, radio energy collection in free space.
3. Envelope detection principle

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